B2B IT-Partner attains gold level in international sustainability assessment

B2B IT-Partner attains gold level and is thus classed among the top layer of all assessed companies in EcoVadis’ international sustainability assessment. Around 55,000 companies around the world take part in the evaluation and the 5% with the highest score are awarded gold.

“Really happy and proud”

Malin Bolmdahl, HR and Sustainability Manager at B2B IT-Partner, is the person responsible for EcoVadis’ appraisal. We ask her about the result: “It feels good and encouraging that we’ve been classed so high! We’ve worked on sustainability issues at B2B for many years, but we’ve been much more focused on them since last year. The ranking from EcoVadis, as an internationally recognised and independent observer, vouches that our work is of value and that we’re on the right track with it. We’re really happy and proud with the result.”

What is EcoVadis?

EcoVadis was created in 2007 and is an independent analysis company that annually analyses and evaluates sustainability work in companies across all sectors and throughout the world. Their analyses and assessments are based on International CSR-standards such as GRI (Global Reporting Initiative), the UN’s Global Compact and ISO 26000. The analysis stage consists of 21 criteria broken down into four areas; environment, business ethics, human rights and working conditions as well as procurement and the supply chain.

Sustainability work puts the focus on our activity

B2B is classed in the top 1 percent in the IT industry. “The grounds for its position lies within our continual work on the environment, quality, occupational health and safety and information security, which creates a solid basis for our activity. By understanding and listening to which challenges our sector and customers face, we have really focused on re-use of IT and the circular economy. In just the last two years, we have increased CO2 savings by 367% by recovering IT equipment. These aspects, together with prioritisation of our employees well-being, have been of great importance for the good results with EcoVadis.

It is extremely important for us to be a solid and reliable partner and supplier for our customers. We have been Swedish certified in the areas of environment and quality for some time and last year, we took the next step to get ISO certification for information security. The gold medal from EcoVadis for our sustainability work brings together all these elements and is yet another indicator that we are a trustworthy and conscientious company, says Malin Bolmdahl.